Agatha von Brünswick

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Agatha von Brünswick
Archaeologist (2)
Tactician (0)

Some say this German professor is really too old for leading expeditions. But as a teacher, she knows how to handle people.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Agatha is a rhetorician scientist, with great Speech and Speech Defense but lacking Attack.

Agatha can lecture enemies in an area and touch their hearts like a teacher. Agatha does best in Devious icon.pngDevious or Friendly icon.pngFriendly crews, but might need someone to do physical work.

Recommended crew: go Devious icon.pngDevious or Friendly icon.pngFriendly with Kiwi or Yvonne.

Captain Perk[edit | edit source]

Professor Explorers: +1 Insight icon.pngInsight after every expedition. +1 Study icon.pngStudy when Agatha uses Insight icon.pngInsight on Study icon.pngStudy.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Type Value Type Value
Speech Power 25 Speech Defense 24
Attack Power 20 Armor 10
Movement 3 Grit 0
Spirit 40

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Ability Type Attack Terrify Try to Excite Lecture Inspiring Course
Attitude Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious Friendly icon.pngFriendly Devious icon.pngDevious Friendly icon.pngFriendly
Emotion N/A Terrified icon.pngTerrified Impressed icon.pngImpressed Saddened icon.pngSaddened Confident icon.pngConfident
Hit Chance 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Damage Modifier 100% 100% 100%/35% Heal 50% 50%
Available at Level 1 1 1 2 4
Range Melee Melee 2 tiles Point (about 3 tiles) Point (about 3 tiles)
Cooldown 0 0 0 4 4
Extra Effects N/A N/A N/A Affects enemies within the target cone. Affects enemies within the target cone.
Gains +25% power each turn while off cooldown, with a maximum of +75% power. Gains +25% power each turn while off cooldown, with a maximum of +75% power.

Training and Perks[edit | edit source]

Level Option 1 Option 2 Ability
Start Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - Medieval (unique) Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - History N/A
2 Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - Symbolism Tactician.pngTactician - Military History New Ability: Lecture
3 Re-educate - Lecture gains +25% Power when your current attitude is Aggressive icon.pngAggressive. Additionally, the effect on the state of mind is stronger. Feedback - Agatha gains +3 Speech Power for 3 turns for each target that is Saddened icon.pngSaddened after casting Lecture. Gain an extra Trinket slot!
4 Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - Excavation Tactician.pngTactician - Offense New Ability: Inspiring Course
5 Parenting - Gains an extra Speech on Agatha's Terrify, with 50% Speech. Teacher's Gossip - Agatha gains +10 Speech while your current attitude is Devious icon.pngDevious. N/A

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Hidden Characteristics[edit | edit source]


  • doesn't believe in nonsense.
  • is pretty mean.
  • hates dogs.
  • is dead serious about everything.

Campfire Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Renowned Archaeologist (shared with Maria) - +15 Renown icon.pngRenown for each level of Archaeologist of your highest level Archaeologist. Bonus triples from level 5.
  • Tactical Insight (shared with Victor) - +3 Campaign icon.pngCampaign when spending Insight with a lvl 3 Tactician.
  • German Import - 6 Secret token icon.pngSecret.

Personal Campfire Story[edit | edit source]

German Import: When this campfire story is played, the crew immediately obtains 6 Secret token icon.pngSecret tokens, but loses up to10 Study icon.pngStudy tokens. Each crew member's Spirit is increased by 25%, but their Speech Defense is reduced by 10. These bonuses are permanent. Each crew member also likes Agatha a little better.

If a crew member is a Tee-total when it comes to drinking, they will not receive the penalty or the 'Likes Agatha' buff as they refuse to drink.
For the remainder of the story, after completing a node, one of the following might happen:

  • The crew loses up to 5 Study icon.pngStudy tokens.
  • The crew gains 3 Campaign icon.pngCampaign tokens.
  • One crew member gets a penalty of -25 to their Speech Defense for the remainder of the expedition.
  • You may activate the Story End (It seems to activate 2 expeditions after, but this may vary): Agatha has too much to drink and complains that she wants to go home, initiating an encounter between her and the rest of your crew. This encounter earns the normal tokens for any encounter. She appears to only use her basic attacks but keeps her stats. (She counts as a Boss for Bia's captain perk).
  • Once the Story End is completed, no further activations of the card occur, and Agatha gains a 'Likes...' for both of the other crew members.

Personalized Buffs[edit | edit source]

The following permanent buffs related to Agatha can be obtained through personal campfire stories:

  • Likes Agatha: 10% Speech Power. That's one pretty cool granny.
  • Admires Agatha: 10% Speech Power, +15 Speech Defense. Gain the Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - Medieval perk! Her expertise and experience are unparalleled!
  • Wary of Agatha: 10% Attack Power. Grumpy granny...
  • Agatha's Opposite: 25% Attack Power, Gain the Athlete.pngAthlete - Powerhouse perk! So negative and feeble! I keep in shape for physical challenges!

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch 22:

- Agatha's German Import now has limited debuff activations and an additional Story End, making it more versatile than previously.

Patch 18:
- Agatha's German Import will now only penalize 5 Study (down from 10), 25 Speech Defense (down from 40), and give 3 Campaign (up from 1) (MTE) Patch 10:
- Agatha's Inspiring Course now comes one level later.

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