Earl Shanty

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Earl Shanty
United States
Engineer (2)
Survivalist (0)

Earl is the nephew of the Renowned Explorer’s janitor from Kansas. Has a fake membership, but everyone acts like it’s real. Good with explosives.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Earl is a glass cannon scientist, with amazing Attack and good Speech but very poor defenses.

Earl's area attacks are amongst the best in the Renowned Explorers! Earl does well in Devious icon.pngDevious or Aggressive icon.pngAggressive teams, as long as there is someone to protect him!

Recommended crew: go Aggressive icon.pngAggressive or Devious icon.pngDevious with Molly and Jan-Piet.

Captain Perk[edit | edit source]

Mechanic for Hire: +6 Collect icon.pngCollect whenever you complete a research paper.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Type Value Type Value
Speech Power 25 Speech Defense 29
Attack Power 30 Armor 0
Movement 3 Grit 10
Spirit 30

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Ability Type Attack Enrage Try to Impress Experimentation Strike of Fear
Attitude Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious Friendly icon.pngFriendly Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious
Emotion N/A Enraged icon.pngEnraged Impressed icon.pngImpressed N/A Terrified icon.pngTerrified
Hit Chance 100% 100% 80% 100% 100%
Damage Modifier 100% 100% 75%/25% Heal 40% 50%
Available at Level 1 1 1 2 4
Range 2 tiles 2 tiles 2 tiles Point (about 2 tiles) Point (about 3 tiles)
Cooldown 0 0 0 4 6
Extra Effects N/A N/A N/A Affects enemies within the target circle. Affects enemies within the target line.
Gains +25% power each turn while off cooldown, with a maximum of +75% power. Stuns non-boss characters.
Gains +25% power each turn while off cooldown, with a maximum of +75% power.

Training and Perks[edit | edit source]

Level Option 1 Option 2 Ability
Start Engineer.pngEngineer - Explosives (unique) Engineer.pngEngineer - Tinkerer N/A
2 Engineer.pngEngineer - Combustion Survivalist.pngSurvivalist - Navigation New Ability: Experimentation
3 Know a guy - Upgrading item shops cost -50% Gold icon.pngGold No Restrictions - Earl gains +6 Attack while your current attitude is Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Gain an extra Trinket slot!
4 Engineer.pngEngineer - Steam Engines Survivalist.pngSurvivalist - Spotting New Ability: Strike of Fear
5 Bigger Impact - Experimentation gains +0.4 radius. Armor Burner - Experimentation adds a debuff that gives the target -15 Armor for 2 turns. N/A

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Hidden Characteristics[edit | edit source]


  • is gullible.
  • is very greedy.
  • has cockamamy ideas.

Campfire Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Dangerous Engineer (shared with Phillipe) - One crew member gains +3 Attack per level of Engineer.pngEngineer.
  • Scavenger (shared with Kiwi) - Choose one lvl 4 Survivalist.pngSurvivalist who gains +1 Supplies icon.pngSupplies on Survivalist.pngSurvivalist Adventure Wheel icon.pngSpins.
  • Weird Patents - Renown icon.pngRenown received from Gold icon.pngGold increases by 3% every time you find a Discovery token icon.pngDiscovery*.
  • *NOTE: Does not apply to Discoveries collect on the world map, whether from Entourage, Insight or Treasures (Origin of the Species II)

Personal Campfire Story[edit | edit source]

Weird Patents:

  • On playing the personal story card, Earl announces his intentions to make something, allowing you to select one other crew member to interact with him and play out the story.
  • Earl builds a bike. Depending on either luck or factors not known to the player, Earl will succeed or fail, and he requires two expeditions to finish the bike. On the first story interlude, success will result in the selected crew member to like him, and failure will result in wary. On the second story, success will give the crew 2 Discovery token icon.pngDiscovery tokens, while failure will make Earl wary of himself.
  • Hidden Characteristic Interaction:
    • Yvonne falls in love with Earl, instantly admiring him. The first time the card is played Yvonne will try to seduce earl(and fail) gaining 2 Encounter token icon.pngEncounter. The 2nd expedition she will try again(and fail) for 8 Encounter token icon.pngEncounter.

Personalized Buffs[edit | edit source]

The following permanent buffs related to Earl can be obtained through personal campfire stories:

  • Likes Earl: 10% Attack Power. Hehe, he's silly.
  • Admires Earl: 10% Attack Power, +10 Speech Defense. Gain the Engineer.pngEngineer - Explosives perk! So dangerous! Pretty cool if you think about it.
  • Wary of Earl: +5 Spirit. He kind of stinks.
  • Earl's Opposite: 10% Speech Power, +10 Spirit, Gain the Tactician.pngTactician - Defense perk! What a moron! I'd better protect the crew!

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch 18:
- Lowered Earl's bonus from Weird Patents to 3%.
Patch 12:
- Cooldown of Strike of Fear raised to 6.
Patch 9:
- Earl gained a little more speech defense (from 25 to 30), and his captain perk is boosted. (from 4 to 6 collect)
Patch 4:
- Earl's captain perk now gives 4 Collect tokens per Paper.

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