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Every adventure will consist of a number of different Expeditions, through which you will gather Resources and Treasures. The player will be graded after your 5th completed Expedition based on the amount of Renown they've gathered. After the 5th Expedition, the player can still continue to play in Marathon Mode, but Achievements and Leaderboards are disabled until a new Adventure is started.

Each Expedition can only be completed once on every adventure, and most Expeditions will only unlock after a certain of other Expeditions have already been completed. This is indicated by the Difficulty of the expedition, though the player is free to choose a lower Difficulty (except Difficulty 1) Expedition than they would be allowed to visit.

Two Expeditions, Andean Adventure and The Lost Island, are unlocked through the More to Explore Expansion and can only be accessed by players who own it.

One Expedition, Anagogic Archipelago, is unlocked through The Emperor's Challenge Expansion and can only be accessed by players who own it.

Difficulty 1 Expeditions[edit | edit source]

The first Expedition is chosen randomly, but the player can choose to 'Restart Expedition' from the game's menu to quickly restart on a different random first Expedition with the same crew composition. The player can never elect to complete another Difficulty 1 Expedition during the same adventure.

Despite being located in different parts of Europe, the Difficulty 1 Expeditions have quite a few Events, Enemies, and Treasures in common. Their final encounter is also chosen from among the same pool of three opponents.

Saxon Kings[edit | edit source]

Found somewhere on the mainland of Britain, but King Egbert's grave remains a particular mystery.

  • Primary Attitude: Uncertain icon.pngUncertain
  • Primary Challenge: Nature challenge icon.pngNature, Wits challenge icon.pngWits
  • Primary Resource: Gold icon.pngGold
  • Location: Saxon Grave Islands
  • Target: Burial site of the Saxon Kings
  • Special Locations: Saxon Monastery, Cairnstone Village Mines, Saxon Castle
  • Final Encounter: Rival Scout/Fighter

Viking Landing[edit | edit source]

Rumors are that a boat belonging to the famous explorer Leif Eriksson is somewhere on this forgotten island!

  • Primary Attitude: Uncertain icon.pngUncertain
  • Primary Challenge: Wits challenge icon.pngWits, Cultural challenge icon.pngCultural
  • Primary Resource: Status icon.pngStatus
  • Location: Icelandic Isles
  • Target: Viking Boat
  • Special Locations: Goody Hunt, Turf House, Battles of Old
  • Final Location: Boats and Bullies
  • Final Encounter: Rival Scientist/Fighter

Celtic Code[edit | edit source]

Rumor has it that Celtic druids set up a sect here a long time ago.

  • Primary Attitude: Uncertain icon.pngUncertain
  • Primary Challenge: Nature challenge icon.pngNature
  • Primary Resource: Research icon.pngResearch
  • Location: Irish Isles
  • Target: Druidic Stone Circle
  • Special Locations: Huge Cliff, Fossilized Remains, Wolf Druid
  • Final Encounter: Rival Scientist/Scout

Difficulty 2 Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Mali Mystery[edit | edit source]

You are up for a unique chance to explore the inland in search for a mysterious witch doctor. These areas are full of good spirited villagers and devious hyenas, and a Friendly icon.pngFriendly approach might help.
Expect plenty of Rogue, Athlete and Beguiler challenges. You might find a lot of Gold icon.pngGold!

Hungarian Fort[edit | edit source]

Lady Vaduva, the treasurer of the Renowned Explorers, has notified you of a forgotten fort. It used to be a secret alchemy lab in the Middle Ages. There must be something amazing to discover around these forgotten places! Being Devious icon.pngDevious might help.
Expect plenty of Tactician.pngTactician, Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist, Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker and Diplomat.pngDiplomat challenges, as well as plenty of Status icon.pngStatus.

Roche's Lost Treasure[edit | edit source]

The once fierce Dutch pirate Roche disappeared many years ago after burying his pirate treasure. Monkeys and smugglers will oppose you, and an Aggressive icon.pngAggressive approach could make it easier.
Expect Nature challenge icon.pngNature challenges and Technique challenge icon.pngTechnique challenges in abundance. There is a lot to study for Research icon.pngResearch!

Difficulty 3 Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Andean Adventure[edit | edit source]

More to Explore required to play.
Somewhere, high up in the Andes, there is a vast piece of land unaccounted for. Legend has it that Incas still live there, undisturbed by the outside world. These cultural clashes will best be solved Devious icon.pngDevious. You'd better take a Diplomat.pngDiplomat, Rogue.pngRogue, Survivalist.pngSurvivalist and Engineer.pngEngineer with you.
Expect plenty of Research icon.pngResearch and Status icon.pngStatus

Egyptian Expedition[edit | edit source]

The war temple of Sekhmet is said to be hidden in the desert sands. Exploring the desert will be hard on your Supplies icon.pngSupplies. An Archaeologist, Athlete, Survivalist or Rogue will surely help.
Rumor has it that there is a lot of Gold icon.pngGold to find.

Highland Pursuit[edit | edit source]

It is said that a historic Scottish relic is being held there by a paranoid abbess. There are more people walking around, so a Friendly icon.pngFriendly approach could make things easier. Taking a Beguiler.pngBeguiler, Diplomat.pngDiplomat, Tactician.pngTactician or Engineer.pngEngineer with you might prove useful.
Expect to find Status icon.pngStatus and Gold icon.pngGold!

Difficulty 4 Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Emerged Island[edit | edit source]

An island which is on no map has emerged from the ocean. This makes the likelihood of finding something special on this island pretty high!
Your gut says you should be prepared for any type of encounter. There are plenty of Cultural challenge icon.pngCultural and Nature challenge icon.pngNature challenges to find here. There is especially a lot of Gold icon.pngGold and Research icon.pngResearch to find here!

The Globus Cruciger[edit | edit source]

Search for the missing Globus Cruciger in the spooky forests of Transylvania.
You feel like you're going to need both strength and charm to make it through here in one piece! A Diplomat.pngDiplomat, Beguiler.pngBeguiler, Engineer.pngEngineer or Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker might help you out in need! The Status icon.pngStatus you will gain from this expedition might be bountiful!

Anagogic Archipelago[edit | edit source]

The Emperor's Challenge required to play.

Panic at the society! Bobo the Misadventurous has gone missing on an expedition in a mysterious archipelago. There has been word of a booming new religion over there... Prepare for Tactician.pngTactician, Survivalist.pngSurvivalist, Rogue.pngRogue, Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist challenges.

  • Primary Attitude: Friendly icon.pngFriendly
  • Primary Challenge: Wits challenge icon.pngWits, Cultural challenge icon.pngCultural
  • Primary Resource: Gold icon.pngGoldStatus icon.pngStatus
  • Location: Anagogic Archipeligo
  • Target: Trance Altar
  • Special Locations: 
  • Final Encounter: Darma Jagapati

Difficulty 5 Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Shangri'la[edit | edit source]

Rivaleux has obtained the 'Shambhala key of Privilege' to retrieve the Emperor Jade Orb! Collect more Shambhala keys and get to the palace before him!
This is an incredibly perilous expedition in which you may lose Resolve icon.pngResolve both in encounters and challenges of all kinds. But the treasures here may be worth more Renown icon.pngRenown than ever, as their legend depends on your crew's perks!

The Lost Island[edit | edit source]

More to Explore required to play.
Pinkerton has informed you of Anti-Explorer activity in the Pacific Ocean. You are the best candidate to go investigate the situation. Who knows, you might find something! Prepare for Nature challenge icon.pngNature challenges in abundance and bring an Engineer.pngEngineer to investigate Anti-Explorer technology.
Expect a lot of Research icon.pngResearch!

The Holy Grail[edit | edit source]

Quest for the Holy Grail required to play.
The Anti-Explorer Florentina Magellan is said to be on to the biggest of treasures: the Holy Grail! You cannot let this treasure fall into Anti-Explorer hands! Expect anything, especially an Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist, Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker, Tactician.pngTactician, and Diplomat.pngDiplomat are almost a must! Prepare to get rich and famous!