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List of Explorers[edit | edit source]

Scientists[edit | edit source]

Scientists trust in the scientific method to gain knowledge about the world. Gain extra Research from completing challenges.

This genius biologist hails from Kraków University. She’s looking to find more exotic plants. Loves to read romance novels.

Anna is a bright, young scientist who loves the scary power of electricity more than anything. She wants to uncover the secrets of the world.

This surgeon of the foreign legion learned to handle a knife in the streets of Algiers. Wants to see the world.

Some say this German professor is really too old for leading expeditions. But as a teacher, she knows how to handle people.

Earl is the nephew of the Renowned Explorer’s janitor from Kansas. Has a fake membership, but everyone acts like it’s real. Good with explosives.

Scouts[edit | edit source]

Scouts are quick on their feet and can adapt to unexpected situations. Find extra Gold when completing challenges.

Kiri, as she is really named, ran out of places to run on her home island. She built her own boat and went on to explore the world.

The Riot of Rio made a bet at a party that he would make it into the papers worldwide. Turns out he has a knack for exploring and making friends.

An already respected treasure hunter from Antalya. Very confident of her skill. Obsessed with gold.

Harry was a street urchin who survived on the streets by pickpocketing. Now he is a cunning and charming leader.

On her first day at the Society, Molly was suspended for a week after accidentally using a very vulgar word describing Mr. Pinkerton’s receding hairline.

Stern guy from Kyoto with an anger management problem. Determined to use this energy as good as possible, he picked up exploring... and cleaning! Prefers to be called by his family name.

Fighters[edit | edit source]

Fighters are strong and useful in a fight. Fighters too find extra Gold when completing challenges.

The silent giant from Yekaterinburg. Incredibly strong, but not so talented with words. Really just wants to be part of a group of friends.

Bia Hekaton fought for Greek independence from a young age. Now she’s a terrifying mercenary.

Dolores won many tournaments but kept her identity hidden behind a mask. Now she travels the world in search of new things to punch.

All his friends have full and exuberant beards, but Jan-Piet cannot grow one himself. Searching for self-respect, this sailor now travels the world’s most exotic places.

Victor is a dedicated military captain. His words and skills motivate friends and foes to follow him. Wants to impress with rare finds.

Trouble straight out of the bustling slums of Shanghai! Loud and arrogant but also inventive and strong-willed. Joined the explorers for an incredably dark reason.

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Speakers have silver tongues and can persuade people to achieve their goals. Gain extra Status from completing challenges.

Ex-sailor and ex-butler from Manchester, who wants to rub elbows with the Queen. Knows how to throw a punch and an insult.

Montreal’s cruel mistress. Assertive, intelligent, and the center of attention. Wants to see if she can trample the world under her boots.

Being the daughter of an Argentine politician, she copied her father’s way of handling problems and added her mother’s looks and charm to the mix.

How did this adorable Austrian magician get here? This expedition isn’t safe for children!

Kwame left his Ashanti tribe to spread the spirit of happiness around the world. Used to be a real ladies’ man.

This exotic dancer from Bangkok somehow managed to get into the society, but none know of her background. That can't be right...