Ivan Dashkov

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Ivan Dashkov
Athlete (2)
Naturalist (0)

This silent giant from Yekaterinburg is incredibly strong, but not so talented with words. Really just wants to be part of a group of friends.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ivan is a real brawler fighter with amazing Attack and Armor, but lacking Speech and Speech Defense.
Ivan can pin enemies to their position and dish out great amounts of damage. He does exceptionally well in Aggressive icon.pngAggressive crews. Try to take someone with you that can take the speech hits for Ivan.
Recommended crew: go Aggressive icon.pngAggressive or Devious icon.pngDevious with Molly or Earl.

Captain Perk[edit | edit source]

Unproven Leader: -1 Resolve icon.pngResolve. +3 Supplies icon.pngSupplies Capacity after you beat the 2nd and 3rd expedition.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Type Value Type Value
Speech Power 15 Speech Defense 0
Attack Power 34 Armor 32
Movement 3 Grit 0
Spirit 45

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Type Attack Try to Terrify Try to Excite Pinning Strike Primal Roar
Attitude Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious Friendly icon.pngFriendly Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious
Emotion N/A Terrified icon.pngTerrified Excited icon.pngExcited N/A Terrified icon.pngTerrified
Hit Chance 100% 80% 80% 100% 100%
Damage Modifier 100% 75% 80%/25% Heal 125% 50%
Available at Level 1 1 1 2 3
Range Melee Melee Melee Melee 0 tiles
Cooldown 0 0 0 3 3
Extra Effects N/A N/A N/A Pins down the target, making it unable to move for 1 turn. Has an increase of +20% Speech per surronding enemy.
Ivan will surely pull Aggro of surrounding units for 1 turn. +40% Speech Power if Ivan is either Enraged icon.pngEnraged or Confident icon.pngConfident.
This ability has insreased Aggro.

Training[edit | edit source]

Level Option 1 Option 2 Ability
Start Athlete.pngAthlete - Endure Hardship (unique) Athlete.pngAthlete - Tough N/A
2 Athlete.pngAthlete - Smashing Naturalist.pngNaturalist - Biology New Ability: Pinning Strike.
3 Collateral Damage - Enemies next to Pinning Strike's target recieve 33% of the damage. Aggressive Wrestling - Ivan's Pinning Strike gains +25% Power when he uses Pinning Strike while your current attitude is Aggressive icon.pngAggressive. New Ability: Primal Roar.
4 Athlete.pngAthlete - Powerhouse Naturalist.pngNaturalist - Geology Gain an extra Trinket slot!
5 Battle Focus - Ivan gains +10 Attack while your current attitude is Aggressive icon.pngAggressive. Nerves of Steel - Ivan will gain resistance (-50% damage) to Terrified icon.pngTerrified attacks. N/A

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Hidden Characteristics[edit | edit source]


  • is superstitious,
  • is helpful and supportive,
  • is a devout believer.

Campfire Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Field Research (shared with Emilia) - +4 Study per level of Naturalist in your crew.
  • Ultimate Athlete (shared with Dolores) - +2 Collect and +2 Study for each level of Athlete of your highest level Athlete. Bonus doubles from level 5.

Personal Campfire Story[edit | edit source]

Vow of Peace: Ivan loses 50% Attack, but gains half his Armor as Speech. Ivan's Try to Excite hit chance increases to 100%*. Gain an extra 1 Encounter if you resolve an encounter Friendly.

Upon playing the card, every other crew member will comment on Ivan's decision with predetermined reactions between giving positive support (which also gives an instant 'Likes Ivan' or upgrades 'Likes Ivan' to 'Admires Ivan' on that crew-member) through a neutral reaction to a negative reaction (which also gives that crew-member a 'Wary of Ivan' or upgrades a 'Wary of Ivan' to an 'Ivan's Opposite'). Regardless of his crew-member's reaction, Ivan decides to press on with his new, peaceful role.

The crew-member's reaction is usually pretty obvious - those who favor combat will have a negative reaction (the majority of fighters and scouts, excluding the speech-specialized ones) while most of the characters with powerful speech attacks will tend to react favourably, though some, like Maria, give a neutral reaction.

Also results in multiple events during expeditions after playing it - these can occur anytime after playing the card upon moving to a new node. They appear to be randomly selected from +1 Campaign token, +2 Encounter tokens and +4 Encounter tokens each time. The +4 Encounter tokens event will also end the story, preventing any further events from this card and giving Ivan a 'Likes (Crew-Member)' for both of his companions. This will upgrade an existing 'Likes' to 'Admires' if Ivan already Likes that Crew Member.

*Note: Ivan's bonus on his Try to Excite hit roll is currently bugged: it will work unless you give Ivan any trinkets or other items which improve his 'Try To Excite' directly: any of the Excite books available in New Orleans or the Translation Guide in Moscow will remove his bonus to-hit when they apply the increased damage.

Personalized Buffs[edit | edit source]

The following permanent buffs related to Ivan can be obtained through personal campfire stories:

  • Likes Ivan: +5 Armor. A true gentle giant.
  • Admires Ivan: 10% Attack Power, +15 Armor, Gain the Athlete.pngAthlete - Endure Hardship perk! What a hardy soul! He has seen so much, but never gives up on what he thinks is right!
  • Wary of Ivan: +5 Speech Power. He's a bit boring, isn't he?
  • Ivan's Opposite: 25% Speech Power, Gain the Archaeologist.pngArchaeologist - Occult perk! Such a religious goof! I guess I'll have to dive into the occult.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch 15:
- Ivans upgrade gives +2 Supplies instead of +1.
Patch 14:
- Ivan has a new captain perk! -1 Resolve. Gains +1 Supply Capacity after the 2nd and 3rd expedition.
(changed from -1 Resolve. +1 Encounter token when you resolve an encounter Aggressive) Patch 10:
- Ivan base spirit raised to 45.
Patch 4:
- Fighters' attack slightly boosted.

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