Kwame Amanquatia

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Kwame Amanquatia
Diplomat (2)
Quick Thinker (0)

Kwame left his Ashanti Tribe to spread the spirit of happiness around the world. Used to be a real ladies' man.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kwame is a rhetorician speaker, with great Speech and Speech Defense but lacking Attack and Armor.

Kwame can heal an ally's spirit with a great cheer. Kwame does well in most crews but does the best in a Friendly icon.pngFriendly crew. Try to team him up with someone with good armor.

Recommended crew: go Friendly icon.pngFriendly or Aggressive icon.pngAggressive with Phillipe and Victor.

Captain Perk[edit | edit source]

Making Friends: Kwame will attract helpers when solving enough encounters Friendly icon.pngFriendly.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Type Value Type Value
Speech Power 28 Speech Defense 14
Attack Power 15 Armor 0
Movement 3 Grit 20
Spirit 40

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Type Attack Try to Enrage Excite Cheer Dance Enrage
Attitude Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Devious icon.pngDevious Friendly icon.pngFriendly Uncertain icon.pngUncertain Uncertain icon.pngUncertain Devious icon.pngDevious
Emotion N/A Enraged icon.pngEnraged Excited icon.pngExcited Excited icon.pngExcited N/A Enraged icon.pngEnraged
Hit Chance 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Damage Modifier 100% 75% 100%/25% Heal 100% N/A 100%
Available at Level 1 1 1 2 3 5
Range Melee 2 tiles Melee 2 tiles 5 tiles 2 tiles
Cooldown 0 0 0 3 2 0
Extra Effects N/A N/A N/A HEALS an ally, and makes them significantly more Positive. Switches the location of Kwame and the target crew member.
Applies a buff that gives both Kwame and the crew member +30 Armor and +30 Speech Defense.

Training and Perks[edit | edit source]

Level Option 1 Option 2 Ability
Start Diplomat.pngDiplomat - Honesty (unique) Diplomat.pngDiplomat - Generous N/A
2 Diplomat.pngDiplomat - Negotiations Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker - Alert New Ability: Cheer.
3 Limitless Excitement - Kwame and allies around him gain +1 Excited icon.pngExcited each turn. African Roots - +3 Campaign in Timbuktu. New Ability: Dance.
4 Diplomat.pngDiplomat - Politics Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker - Escape Artist Gain an extra Trinket slot!
5 Clear - Cheer will remove all non-emotion, non-mood negative buffs. Catch the Kwame - Replaces Kwame's Try to Enrage with Enrage. N/A

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Hidden Characteristics[edit | edit source]


  • is a devout believer,
  • is small,
  • is helpful and supportive,
  • loves dancing.
  • dislikes coffee.

Campfire Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Stories of Suspense (shared with Hatice) - Level 2 Quick Thinkers gain +5 Speech. +2 Campaign whenever a lvl 2 Quick Thinker succeeds on the Adventure Wheel.
  • Signed Mandate (shared with Victor) - 150 Renown per level 2 Diplomat in your crew.

Personal Campfire Story[edit | edit source]

Cultured Diplomats: Each Diplomat gains +2 speech power but -2 attack power per level of Diplomat. Chosen Crew-member also gains +50 renown and +1 Campaign token on all successful Culture (Diplomat and Archaeologist) Adventure Wheel rolls. Concludes after 2-3 expeditions. End of Story also boosts Like Kwame up to Admires Kwame and gives Kwame Likes (target crew member).

If Kwame is selected as the cultural frontman, a mean character will have the option to grow wary of him.2 expeditions later they will become his opposite, and Kwame will become wary of them in return. Kind characters approve of electing Kwame and will like him more as a result.

Personalized Buffs[edit | edit source]

The following permanent buffs related to Kwame can be obtained through personal campfire stories:

  • Likes Kwame: 10% Speech. Such a nice grandpa.
  • Admires Kwame: 10% Speech, +10 Grit, Gain the Diplomat.pngDiplomat - Honesty perk! Who knew someone could be this kind and funny!
  • Wary of Kwame: 10% Attack Power. He's a bit too much of an idealist...
  • Kwame's Opposite: 20% Attack Power, Gain the Athlete.pngAthlete - Tough perk! His kindness is a weakness! I need to cover the crew with my toughness!

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch 13:
- Kwame no longer gets double helpers on high levels diplomat or quick thinker.
Patch 11:
- Kwame's double helper boost now fires at lvl. 5 Quick Thinker instead of lvl. 3.
Patch 8:
- Kwame has a new captain perk! He will attract helpers by being friendly.
- Kwame has 'try to Enrage' instead of 'try to Terrify', and is all round a bit more scout-y.

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