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Renowned Explorers is a game about managing your resources well, and there are plenty of them to manage!

Renown[edit | edit source]

Renown icon.pngRenown is the score by which all explorers are judged at the end of their expeditions, and the ultimate goal of the game is to gather as much of it as possible.

Renown is never actually spent, however all other resources to contribute to the acquisition of Renown either directly or indirectly.

Primary Resources[edit | edit source]

Three resources are gathered and spent in similar fashion, and function as the main 'currencies' of the game. They are mostly gathered from the Tokens you gather during your expeditions, or during preparation between expeditions.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold icon.pngGold is mostly gained from:

  • Collect icon.pngCollect tokens
  • Treasure Hunt token icon.pngTreasure Hunt tokens
  • Encounter token icon.pngEncounter tokens

Gold is spent on Equipment, which will help your crew deal with Encounters more easily. Trinkets might also give your crew extra Perks or improve their combat efficiency in different ways.
8% of Gold gained is also gained as Renown icon.pngRenown.

Status[edit | edit source]

Status icon.pngStatus is mostly gained from:

  • Campaign icon.pngCampaign tokens
  • Secret token icon.pngSecret tokens
  • Encounter token icon.pngEncounter tokens

Status is spent on Entourage, which will improve either your acquisition of Tokens, or their efficiency. Specialist Entourage Members can also give your crew members extra Perks.
6% of Status gained is also gained as Renown icon.pngRenown.

Research[edit | edit source]

Research icon.pngResearch is mostly gained from:

  • Study icon.pngStudy tokens
  • Discovery token icon.pngDiscovery tokens

Research is spent on Research Projects, which can unlock various bonuses for your team, focused on six different areas of expertise.
14% of Research gained is also gained as Renown icon.pngRenown.

Expedition Resources[edit | edit source]

During your expeditions, three additional resources are of importance.

Insight[edit | edit source]

Insight icon.pngInsight is mostly gained from Treasures. Most treasures will give you either 1 or 2 Insight, which can be spent during preparation in different Jobs for various kinds and quantities of Tokens.
Research can provide you with additional Insight, as well as improve its efficiency, possibly depending on the Perks of your crew.
Various crew members can have additional bonuses when they spend Insight, although only one party member can benefit from these at a time.

Resolve[edit | edit source]

Resolve icon.pngResolve is perhaps the most important resource in the game. You start out with 2 Resolve, and gain an additional 2 whenever you finish an Expedition. Additional Resolve is very rarely acquired.
Whenever you run out of Resolve, your campaign is over! Resolve can be lost in the following ways:

  • Whenever the Spirit of a crew member hits 0 during an Encounter, 1 Resolve is lost. The crew member can be revived, but if they drop to 0 Spirit again, you will lose another Resolve.
  • Some expedition nodes may have Adventure Wheel checks where Resolve can be lost on a failure.
  • Sometimes Resolve can be spent or voluntarily given up in exchange for other benefits, usually Supplies icon.pngSupplies or extra Tokens.

Supplies[edit | edit source]

Supplies icon.pngSupplies are refilled at the start of every Expedition to your current Supply cap. Traveling across the map during an expedition will cost Supplies, and if Supplies are out after resolving your current node, your crew will start getting exhausted.
Whenever this happens, a random crew member will gain a random debuff until the end of the Expedition, giving a percentage penalty (usually between 25% and 40%) to a random combat statistic - Attack Power, Armor, Speech Power, Speech Defense, or Grit. The same crew member can be hit multiple times, even in the same statistic - possibly reducing their stat below 0!
Taking a few exhaustion penalties is usually not fatal to an Expedition, but can lead to an increased challenge for the remainder of it - especially the final encounter! The player will have to weigh the risk of a more dangerous final encounter versus the gain of visiting additional nodes, possibly gaining extra Treasures or Resources.
Supplies can be refilled at certain nodes during an expedition:

  • Supplies icon.png Free supplies! (usually)
  • Supplies icon.pngWits challenge icon.png Supplies as a reward of a skill challenge. (in this case, a Wits challenge)
  • Supplies icon.pngEncounter icon.png Supplies as a reward of completing an Encounter.
  • Supplies icon.pngTrader icon.png Supplies sold, usually at a price of 4 Supplies for 1 Resolve icon.pngRenown.
  • Nature challenge icon.png If Kiwi is your Captain, visiting Nature challenges will refill Supplies.
  • Encounter icon.png If you've researched Trade or Plunder, solving an Encounter in a certain Attitude will give you extra Supplies.

Your Supply capacity can be increased:

  • Through five different Research projects (one in every tree except Anthropology),
  • By gaining the RE:IS Honorary Membership Treasure which is gained automatically after the first expedition,
  • By gaining the Pottery of Thutmose III Treasure which may be found in the Egypt expedition,
  • or by having Ivan as your Captain.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch 14:
- Renown from Status is now 6% (down from 8%). Renown from Science is now 14% (up from 12%).
Patch 12:
- Gold and Status now have the same Renown modifier: 8%. Research still has 12%.
Patch 10:
- Renown gain from resources has been reduced: Gold: 0.075, Status: 0.08, Research: 0.12.
Patch 9:
- Science now yields less renown.