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"Scouts are quick on their feet and can adapt to unexpected situations. Find extra Gold icon.pngGold when completing challenges."

Scouts are highly mobile explorers, having more movement points than the other classes. They are the only class to use boots, which boosts their Grit.

All Scouts gain +1 Collect icon.pngCollect token from spending Insight icon.pngInsight on Collect icon.pngCollect.

List of Fighters[edit | edit source]

Name Country Attitudes Perks
Harry Icon.jpg Harry Walker United Kingdom Devious icon.pngDevious / Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Rogue.pngRogue
Kiwi Icon.jpg Kiwi Paakariki Samoa Devious icon.pngDevious / Friendly icon.pngFriendly Survivalist.pngSurvivalist
Pedrinho Icon.jpg Pedrinho Pinheiro Brazil Friendly icon.pngFriendly / Devious icon.pngDevious Survivalist.pngSurvivalist
Hatice Icon.jpg Hatice Ataman Turkey Aggressive icon.pngAggressive / Devious icon.pngDevious Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker
Molly Icon.jpg Molly Jones Australia Aggressive icon.pngAggressive / Devious icon.pngDevious Rogue.pngRogue
Hojo Icon.jpg Hojo Fumiaki Japan Friendly icon.pngFriendly / Aggressive icon.pngAggressive Quick thinker.pngQuick Thinker